Frequently Asked Questions 

If your question isn't answered, text/email/call.  613-572-1174

Lost Access Code

Your coach/team representative should have a copy of your code or contact JSP and we can retrieve it. Email us!

Online Proofs

Online proofs should be available 1-3 days after your shoot. If you pre-register, you can be notified when the images go live.


Enter your access code at the following link: Access Login JSP .

Browse your images and choose packages or individual photos.

Add your selections to your cart, enter any required information and pay securely with PayPal or Stripe.

Feedback is welcome. Email or text us!


Downloads are full resolution. They will be perfect for printing! If your download does not seem large enough for full resolution, please contact us.

If your download link isn't sent to you automatically after your payment is processed, please contact us. 

Team Photos are not included in the "Optional Download". Only individual photos purchased within the collection are included. Team photo downloads may be purchased separately. 


Team picture days: A photo retake session may be booked for a fee of $25.00. 


Delivery is 3-5 weeks after picture day. Please allow more time from October to December.

    Portrait Sessions:

    Online galleries are available 1-2 weeks after the session. Typically they are up within days, but 1-2 weeks is the              guarantee.

    Sports Teams:

    Orders are processed after the coupon deadline (coupon deadline is printed on the Access Code card you received).

    All orders received by the coupon deadline will be processed together and delivered to the team representative. They will

    NOT be delivered directly to a client's home. 

    If you require shipping to your home, please contact us as additional fees will apply.


Shipping and Handling Fees

Shipping and handling fees will be applied to orders placed after the coupon deadline, whether or not your order is being shipped directly to your address.